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Product Trust

The PharmaLedger Association’s Product Trust platform and portfolio enables the secure sharing of pharmaceutical and medical product information.

Currently, the heart of the platform is its electronic Product Information (ePI) capabilities, which allow patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to access the most recently updated information directly from the manufacturer.

By leveraging blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, the platform provides a tamper-evident record of product information that is accessible to all ePI users.

In addition to ePI, the Product Trust platform will evolve to include advanced capabilities for detecting and preventing the distribution of falsified medicines. These capabilities leverage a range of innovative technologies to identify and track suspicious products
throughout the supply chain.

By providing a secure and transparent platform for product information sharing, the Product Trust platform is driving new levels of trust, efficiency, and patient safety in the healthcare industry.



The PharmaLedger Network enables our first product to go live: a convenient, secure, precise and trusted electronic Product Information (ePI) solution that allows anyone with a smartphone to scan a medicine package and receive important product information. All PLA members that print medical product leaflets can take advantage of this solution, which offers a sustainable and secure alternative to paper leaflets that can be updated for accuracy in real time.


Stakeholders want ePI.
ePI by PharmaLedger is supported by key ecosystem stakeholders including patients, HCPs (Health Care Providers), pharmacists, health authorities and governments, as well as industry members.

Creating digital value for patients.
Patients and HCPs have been involved in development and proof-of-concept testing of ePI, with positive opinion received.

Addressing complex challenges in the ecosystem.
Providing a better Product Information experience and providing utility through enhanced safety and trust catalyzes the move toward the establishment of a Digital Trust Ecosystem in Healthcare (DTE-H).

Meeting unmet needs.
In the last three years alone, ePI pilots quadrupled, with 50+ countries worldwide currently evaluating ePI implementations. PLA aims to meet this unprecedented demand by implementing an ePI product that relies on the security of the 2D Data Matrix, which acts as a digital twin to every product package. ePI by PharmaLedger is a secure digital product which supports scale and avoids the complexity of compliance and operations of multiple market-based solutions.



Detecting Falsified Medicines (DFM) delivers a Multi-Factor Packaging Authentication (MFPA) and the ACDC analytics capabilities as a stand-alone end user application or as an additional functionality of ePI by PharmaLedger.

Multi-Factor Authentication of up to 7 independent factors

2.Product Name
and Manufacturer
3.Expiry Date

4.Serial Number
5.Product Status
7.Covert Feature Authentication

PLA plans to continue the development of DFM at the xLab for an enhanced value delivery in its ePI product. Both ePI by PharmaLedger and DFM are envisioned to also be available for deployment within existing trusted healthcare applications.