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The evolution of the PharmaLedger Project

What we do

The Pharmaledger Association (PLA) provides an open-source platform as a standard framework to help support collaborative innovation in a healthcare Digital Trust Ecosystem (DTE). PLA’s digital healthcare solutions are built not to replace but to connect, by putting patients first and creating added value for all ecosystem members involved. PLA provides governance, compliance and operational oversight of the platform and products in order to enhance, scale and ensure future sustainability. Read our vision.

Who we are

We are a global not-for-profit association founded in March 2022 in Basel, Switzerland as a result of the PharmaLedger Project, a 3-year Innovative Medicines Initiative consortium project that brought together 12 global pharmaceutical companies and 17 public and private entities; including technical, legal, academia, research and patient representative organizations.  

What's in it for you

Are you interested in realizing innovative projects and products that strengthen today’s Digital Trust Ecosystem within healthcare? Does your organization work within the Healthcare or Life Science sectors?

The PharmaLedger Association provides:
    • an opportunity to accelerate digital innovation and learning in your organization

    • access to qualified and compliant solutions

    • the mechanism to pool risk and resources with like-minded partners

    • the ability to contribute to overall strategy, including prioritization of projects and products

    • access to a diverse team of small, medium and large organizations working toward a common goal to solve big problems that can’t be solved alone


From Projects to Products

The PharmaLedger Association is a venue for collaboration where members can facilitate innovation by helping to incubate, develop and launch products that improve the patient experience and benefit all healthcare stakeholders.

The PharmaLedger Network enables our first product to go live: a convenient, secure, precise and trusted Electronic Product Information (EPI) solution that allows anyone with a mobile phone to scan a medical box and receive important product information, offering a searchable, sustainable and secure alternative to paper leaflets that can be updated for accuracy in real time. All PLA members that print medical product leaflets can take advantage of this solution. 

Watch our ePI demo.

Electronic Product Information is just the beginning. Future solutions built on the PharmaLedger Network will expand functionality to include adherence reminders, adverse event reporting and links with other health apps.

By becoming a member of PLA, you can directly participate in guiding our strategic direction to develop these functionalities and more.

Electronic Product Information

Detecting Falsified Medicines

Adherence Reminders

Adverse Event Reporting

Link with other Health Apps


Video Electronic Product Information


Membership & benefits

Want to bring digital healthcare solutions to life? Join the PharmaLedger Association.

got questions?

We have collected the main questions you might have regarding the PharmaLedger Association, including how membership can benefit your organization and how together we can bring healthcare solutions to patients and providers.

Technology/Digital Trust Ecosystem

Join PharmaLedger and help bring digital healthcare solutions to the hands of patients and healthcare professionals around the globe.



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